Since the dot com burst in the 1990s , the internet has changed our lives in a very optimistic way. It paved the way for many euphoric and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to showcase their idea and come up with a concept what we call nowadays‘ startup’. It is very important to understand that not every startup is not a success but most startups have come up a long way to be known as tech giants like GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, AMAZON. It’s not about the idea only but how you propagate with the idea into the real world and display customer satisfaction.

In recent times web designing and development has improvised heavily. All the tech giants started with their business architecture in a form of a website, presenting their products conveniently and improving the lives of customers in the field of retailing sector, finance sector, services which almost covers all the other sectors.

But first of all, before developing any website, one should be aware of the business ideas and requirements. It should not be developed in a random way. Without having these common concepts one might define a way of developing absurd things. To understand the idea, derive the requirements, check for feasibility, develop the code, make a prototype, test it with the target audience in the mind and then deploy.
One might confuse between concepts of Web Designing and Web Development. Let me tell you, the two concepts vary from each other in a lot of ways. As a beginner, there should be enough clarity between these two.
Web designing totally deals with the front end part or in other words the user Interface. It’s very important to understand that Interface you are creating should be as simple as it could be, easy to navigate through and the business idea should be clearly visible because you cannot expect a customer to be familiar with the technical terms and moreover it should be elegant that it should attract customers. For the front end part, a proper blueprint should be made describing each module/functionality clearly. Your website should also support responsiveness – only one set of code is created and maintained but it is rendered across multiple devices. It makes your website tracking much easier. It is also very important to understand considering AMP for content and ADS too.
Nowadays, the trends have been changed, Angular JS has taken over as a primary front end technology and is been used all over the world by many tech giants.

The backend totally deals with the server-side scripting. It can be regarded as behind the scene activities. The backend developers focus on the databases, scripting, and the architecture of the websites. Most commonly used are PHP and node.js. A good background in Linux helps tremendously in administering servers. Knowledge of API is also important as provides a means of communication between different modules on the HTTP Protocols.

Before starting as a website developer, one should have a good knowledge of how the internet works on the global level. One should be aware of the client-server architecture, about the DNS servers on the name address, the different types of internet protocols like HTTP. There could be a lot of difference between a static website or a dynamic website. A static website mostly sealed with the frontend only but if you want your website to be fully functional one should focus on the backend part also. As a beginner, start with the following :

1. Learn about the web
2. Learnt HTML/CSS
3. Understand the DOM
4. Learn JavaScript
5. Learn JSON, APIs and REST
6. Learn CLI
7. Learn backend technology like PHP, Node.js

Becoming a certified web developer helps you a lot in getting exposure around the corporate world as well as lands you in some good opportunities. A certification from a proper platform might initiate some ideas and can help you in becoming an entrepreneur or might get you into freelancing. Becoming a certified web developer is a good thing which might broaden your learning aspect in terms of technology.