By making online teaching your primary source of income, it also means you’ll have the freedom to call for a vacation time whenever it suits you.”

You might have heard about teachers or freelancers who’ve made the decision to work from home – or even take their teaching careers on the road altogether – by teaching online. Or,  you may have read about the many qualified educators who opt to teach online while looking for their next classroom teaching job.

If you’ve done even a little research on the topic, you’ll probably already know that online teaching is also a great part-time option for lots of different types of qualified teachers. 

 Takeaway: Regardless of your current working situation, teaching online is both lucrative and chock full of potential for certified teachers, regardless of your subject expertise or experience level. 


The pros of teaching online: 


1. Freedom

One big pro – if not the biggest – is that you can teach at home – or anywhere in the world, really. Balancing online teaching alongside a full-time teaching job is surprisingly straightforward. And getting started is easy – you just need the essentials, like a working computer/laptop, a solid internet connection, mic and headset. Some additional props you might want to use you’ll likely already have lying around like a whiteboard and flashcards. At Unschool, all you need after putting up your course content is a working smartphone with a good internet connection. That’s all. 

 For those contemplating turning teaching online into a long-term career, it’s totally normal to worry about missing the buzz of the staffroom. Seeing colleagues each day provides much-needed inspiration for educators. Luckily, online teaching companies like Unschool are home to an amazing community of teachers, educators and industry experts. On the Unschool community, you’ll be able to get advice and support on pretty much anything related to teaching online or education.


 2. Flexible working hours

We’ve all got busy lives and it can be hard juggling personal and work commitments. Online teaching makes all of that so much easier. One of the main advantages of teaching online is the ability to set your own schedule. This means balancing online teaching alongside your regular, full-time teaching job is surprisingly straightforward. You can choose to start small, teaching anywhere from a few hours and build your way up to 20 hours a week. Also, There’s no grading or lesson planning required when you teach with Unschool, just your time spent answering doubts and getting on occasional calls. So long as you’ve got some free time in the early mornings or evenings, it should be relatively easy to teach online for a few hours during the working week, as well as on the weekends.

If you do choose to teach online on a full-time basis, you’ll get to tailor your online teaching hours to different peak times – mornings, evenings and weekends – depending on your personal preferences. For example, if you’re more of a night owl, you might prefer to teach into the small hours of the morning and sleep later than a standard teaching job will permit.

By making online teaching your primary source of income, it also means you’ll have the freedom to take vacation time when it suits you.


3. Motivated students

As educators, we all want to create a disruption-free learning environment for each and every student in our class. But motivating a class of 20 or more students to listen and remain on task is no easy feat. If you can relate to this common teaching challenge, then teaching online with Unschool will be a breath of fresh air for you. All lessons are pre-recorded and curated, meaning you get to fully focus on your true passion – helping your students learn. There is no greater sense of accomplishment as a teacher than knowing that the knowledge you impart will make a positive, measurable impact on your student’s future. Learner joins Unschool because they are looking for motivated teachers like you. 


What more are you waiting for? Come on, aboard. Let’s Unschool it together!