Android App Development

Anisha Sharma

Lead Developer - Ministry of Women and Child Development, Cryptojacking Researcher

Beginner to Advanced level Android Development | Android Architecture and UI/UX design elements | Android development tools | Design, Create and run a Debuggable version of your app.



Course Overview

The Android Operating software is the most used and one of the largest selling OS systems based on cell phones. According to an estimate, out of the six billion mobile phones in the world, around one billion are being used in India (70% of India’s current population). Around 6 million subscribers join the group every month. Android developers have a very bright and prosperous future ahead of them in the developing software market. 50% of the big companies in India nowadays earn their revenue from app development and they regularly require new Android app developers. Indian companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm etc. depend upon their dynamic mobile applications for billions of transactions, thereby making Android App development one of the most needed skills in the industry.

What you will Learn

  • Design and build a functional Android application
  • Understanding Android and its principles
  • Create User-friendly Interfaces
  • Use Built-in widgets and components
  • Debug Android applications using plugins
  • Publish your app on Playstore
  • Learn fragments, adapter, recycler view etc;

About the Course

Android accounts for 81.7% of all smartphones used. Companies are on the lookout for great and skilled Android App Developers.

Through this course, you will discover Android App development from scratch, and obtain the skills to dramatically increase your career prospects as a developer.

Starting is easy because no previous programming experience is needed. If you do have programming experience, that's great. Or maybe you just want to brush up on your skills, and that’s fantastic too.

The course is presented using a combination of videos, slides and diagrams, all designed to teach you everything you need to know.

This is what you’ll learn in the course:
- Develop apps for Android
- Download, install and configure the necessary software.
- Create your first app.
- Build a range of apps demonstrating key aspects of the Android framework.
- Test your apps on emulators or a real Android phone or tablet.
- You’ll learn Java programming because Android app development requires knowledge of Java.
- Ensure your apps work with current and older Android versions on phones and tablets.
- Use Android studio 2.3, the newest version of Google's premier Android tool.
- Learn how to use databases, web services, and even get your apps to speak!
- Understand the all new Constraint layout, for "drag and drop" screen creation.
- Use powerful libraries of code to play videos, download website data, manipulate images, and a whole lot more!

To reinforce what you’ve learnt during the course, there are numerous sections with quizzes designed to help you understand each concept better.

More importantly, our course teaches students the real-life skills needed to get those in-demand jobs or further your programming skills and pursue your interests.

The course has 2 real-time projects - Mini and Major projects, on completion of which you will receive a Certificate. Each project has been designed to be of use for your industrial or final year projects in college and also for your placements or job interviews.

With this course you'll get 24/7 support, so if you have any questions you can post them in the Discussion board and your query will be looked into, immediately.

Unlike other courses, this course doesn't just teach Android App Development but also motivates the student and creates a sense of interest for the subject as well.

Who should choose this course:
- The course is 100% for you if you’re wanting to be a talented Android app programmer!
- No previous programming experience is assumed.

About The Coach

Anisha Sharma

Anisha Sharma is a professional Android Application Developer and a Cryptojacking researcher. As a Computer Science Engineer, she has previously developed Android applications for various companies like Jaobol, Meet & Greet etc; She also currently serves as the Lead Developer for a Central Government initiated project "National Creche Booking Portal" under the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Happy Unschoolers

Joining Unschool made it easy for me to study Android App Dev. The videos and notes were easy to understand and really helpful. Learning through Unschool also taught me to ‘How to publish Apps on Google Store’. Coach Anisha also guided me really well in learning and understanding the content. It was a great experience being a part of the Unschool community. I will be looking forward to learning more new courses online through Unschool.

Nishita Panchal

Mukesh Patel School of Technology, Management and Engineering

It’s been a great experience with Unschool and learning from the Android course. I understand a great deal of technology that I never even heard about before and today, I can actually build an app and publish for people to use. Thanks to unschool for this experience and the wonderful response time that you always maintained.

Harshvardhan Sai Kolla

SRM University, AP – CSE


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